Change of client area URL: Billing.VMDKHosting.Com

We have migrated billing and the client area from to

Please update your bookmarks and use the new URL going forward.

All old links will automatically forward to the new URL for the next 12 months.

5th Jan 2019
VM Console Access

We recently upgraded all of our internal infrastructure to vSphere 6.x.VMware recently changed their internal API security levels and our existing VMware console creation method no longer works as it originally did.While we work on a solution we can provide you with an account specific username and password that will allow you use the VM Console ... Read More »

11th Jul 2018
Two Factor Authentication Available

Two Factor Authentication is now available to all clients.

To enable Two Factor on your account, go to:

My Details ->  Security Settings

or go to this link:

20th Aug 2015

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